Left and right move you towards or away from your opponent, up and down side step either direction.

Double tapping any direction to dash.

R1 performs a small hop. It is possible to hit someone with this if they are jumping over your head.

R2 performs a temporary crouch. This can be used to pick up thrown subweapons.

Free run by holding L1


Change stances by pressing . All weapons have High, Middle, and Low stances. When using the katana, some characters replace one of those stances with either the Daisho or Iai stance.

Frontal Attack by pressing

Reverse attack by pressing

Major attacks towards, R2 to move crouch while moving forward. If you attack with either or during this crouch you will perform a major attack.

Throwing subweapons by pressing while crouching.

Throw dirt if you are on a earthen surface by pressing while crouching.

You cannot throw your subweapons or dirt if your arm has been injured.

Repeated Attack hit after your weapons clank together

Counter Attack hit after your weapon gets clanked.


No block button, you have to parry with other attacks.

Perfect Defense is when you use the opposite button

A crappy block occurs when you use the same button ( to block an attack). The hit spark is green and the amount of stagger caused depends on the strength difference between the characters.


Surrender by hitting the select button